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Fulcher Group is permanently closed.

The Fulcher group of companies was the oldest and most established image & acting centre in Canada!. Our agency, Fulcher Agency Ltd., represents fashion & commercial models and union & non-union principal actors locally, in the U.S. and overseas.

Selected member of:

AIM - Alliance of Independent Members
CSPA - Canadian Society of Professional Agents
IMTA - International Modelling and Talent Association

Many of our actors in Fulcher Agency are members of:
ACTRA - Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Radio & Television Artists (Actor's union)

Awarded by the International Modelling and Talent Assoc.
Awarded by the International Modelling and Talent Assoc.
WINNER "Educational Excellence"
Awarded by the International Modelling and Talent Assoc.
Awarded GOLD for "Favorite Modelling Agency" by Toronto Sun's Reader's Choice

A Brief History of E. Fulcher Group

On April 4th, 1960, Eleanor Fulcher Modelling School and Agency opened its doors on the corner of Yonge and Charles. Many young women signed up for the self-improvement program in what was considered back then, a "finishing school". Over the years, Eleanor Fulcher took on many more women, men and children for their modelling, acting, photography, make-up artistry, and personal image programs. Models of all ages were promoted through its agency, "Fulcher's Line" for jobs in print, shows and TV commercials.

Since 1960, tens of thousands women, men, teens and children have benefited from Eleanor Fulcher training! Many have gone on to successful careers as models, actors, choreographers, make-up artists or improving on their image and boosting their careers in their chosen field of work.

In 1990, Eleanor Fulcher Ltd. became Eleanor Fulcher International Ltd. due to its expanding markets internationally. In that same year, upon the retirement of Eleanor Fulcher, Traute Siebert took over the company. Mrs. Siebert has been with the company since 1967 when she graduated from the Eleanor Fulcher modelling program! Over the years she has modeled, become an instructor, Director, Vice-President and eventually the new owner when Eleanor Fulcher retired.

After 47 years, the company continues to thrive! With Fulcher Agency, models and talent are promoted both locally in fashion shows, print, TV commercials, films, theatre and internationally in the fashion and entertainment capitals of the world!

E. Fulcher Group is the oldest and continues to be one of the most respected image and acting centres in Toronto.
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